Automatic door

Record STA 20 / 21 Sliding Doors

STA 20 / 21 sliding doors are safe and reliable, suitable for different locations such as schools, hospitals, banks, airports, building, etc.
Record DFA 127 Swing Doors

DFA 127 swing doors have a modern design, embracing aesthetics and practical needs. Universal application, exeptionally quiet and adjustable spring tension permitting the DFA 127 to be used for all foor sizes from EN4 to EN6.

K21 / K31 revolving doors are safe, low noise, optimal energy savings and pervents drafts, dirt and dust from entering, suitable for shopping arcades, hotel, international airports, etc.
Record K1-A Hermetic Doors

K1-A hermetic doors are safe and quiet, suitable for operating-theatre, laboratory, air-control area, etc.
RST 20 Curved Sliding Doors

RST 20 curved sliding doors are designed nicely emerged with modern architecture are suitable for most commercial buildings, as an alternative choice form sliding doors.